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Non Surgical Face Lift – Safe and Painless Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

Bioxage offers a dynamic array of products and NSFL treatments to help you achieve a healthy and youthful complexion without the use of needles and other forms of cosmetic surgery.     

This time, Bioxage Spa partners with Cellcosmet Switzerland, a world-renowned Swiss brand based on a revolutionary cellular based formula. Unlike most cellular cosmetics which use freeze-dried cells, the Cellcosmet products are enriched with bio-integral cells whose biological integrity has been preserved. Thanks to the exclusive method of stabilization, these cells are kept for months in their bio-integral state. The Cellcosmet product improves the radiance and manage pre-mature aging of the skin. These products are so luxurious we refer to them as “top shelf”.

Aside from this powerful formula, NSFL+ by Bioxage Spa offers topmost and high quality methods and techniques in rejuvenating the skin. One of our most effective techniques is the use of LED Light Therapy. Thanks to Perfectio™ by Zero Gravity, this advanced skin care regimen is just around the corner. Visit our NSFL+ website and learn more about these powerful skin rejuvenation treatments without the use of invasive procedures.