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BioXage™ Plus Spa Manicure
Introducing our very own signature manicure, a unique way of treating your hands feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than before.  Get more personalized with the infusion of natural hand scrub to remove dead skin cells, plus a great 15-minute massage to ease and relax the muscles. This manicure comes with a choice of regular nail polish or Shellac. 

Price: $55

Gel Pedicure
This pedicure treats your feet the same way like classic pedicure with a Shellac nail color of your choice. The use of gel nail polish on the toe nails is beneficial to those use their feet a lot.

Price: $50

BioXage™ Plus Spa Pedicure
Time to treat your legs and feet what they truly deserve with our very own signature pedicure. In addition to our classic pedicure treatment, get your feet feeling more recharged after a great 15-minute massage therapy on to the foot, calf and upper leg. On top of that, a pampering foot scrub is applied to remove dead cells and renew the skin. This pedicure provides the choice between regular high quality nail polish or Shellac color.

Price: $70

Classic Pedicure
Relax your feet with a soothing foot soak & scrub in addition to the basic nail care. This pedicure involves a brief pampering massage of the foot and lower leg and the application of high quality nail polish. 

Price: $35

Classic Manicure
This manicure provides you a basic nail care: cleaning, clipping, filing and polishing. Hand lotion & a mini massage is provided before applying classic high quality nail polish. 

Price: $25

Gel Manicure
This manicure provides the same service as the classic manicure, then, Shellac gel color of your choice is applied. Gel nail polish lasts longer for at least two weeks and is designed for those who use their hands a lot.

Price: $40

​French Manicure
In this manicure, your nails are treated the same way they are during the classic manicure using a clear, white or pale pink polish followed by a white polish on the tip of the nails. Choose from regular or gel nail polish. 

​Classic Polish: $30                        

Gel/Shellac Polish: $45 

French Pedicure
Chic & classic, this pedicure treats your feet the same way like classic pedicure. You can choose a clear white or pale pink polish followed by a white polish on the tips of your nails. Choose from regular or gel nail polish. 

Classic Polish: $40               

Gel/Shellac Polish: $55

​Hot Stone Spa Manicure
This manicure includes all the treatments of classic manicure plus a massage therapy using heated stones to relax and soothe tired hands. This treatment gives great relief from arthritis and over- worked hands.  

Classic Polish : $40                             

Gel/Shellac Polish : $55


​​Hot Stone Pedicure
Our Hot stone pedicure includes all of the treatments provided in the classic pedicure. This pedicure also offers the exclusive advantage of having heated stones carefully placed on both your legs and feet. Hot stones provide relief for overworked and tired feet.

Classic Polish: $50               

Gel/Shellac Polish: $65

Nail Art

2 Nails Add-on: $10
10 Nails Add-on: $30

Express Polish Change
Classic: $12                 Gel: $22

Soak – Off (Gel Removal)

Price: $10

Additional 10-Min Massage
Price: $20                    

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